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Mameshiba Fanlisting!

Why hello there fellow Mameshiba lovers, just letting you know that a brand new Mameshiba fanlisting is up and running, so go show your love for the adorable beans by joining! :D

Happy Hatful Wintertime Scans

Hi everyone,
I recently was to Japan and being unable to resist Mameshiba cuteness I bought some merchandise as well. One of those was a notebook with über cute covers: the tiny beans have tiny winter hats! (>▽<) How cute is that! I loved the covers so much I decided to scan them and share in case anyone wants to make graphics out of them. So feel free to use these.

Click the previews to download bigger files! (Mediafire)
Hello everyone =)
I'm a new mameshiba fan. I got to now it because of IV, a member of the band Vivid. He always wears Mameshiba Ponchos. I'm not living in Japan, so there is no shop I can go to and I searched on the internet, but didn't found anything. Could somebody help me please??
It would be so great to find it!!
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Yes, I'm horrible at updating, and no, I won't be offended if any of you lovely members want to post updates as you come across them!

Uhhh have some icons I made from this.

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Oh gosh the year of the tiger mascots!! And... Hiyokomameshiba slippers!


I just got my copy of the first Mameshiba DVD, The Humiliation of Greenpeashiba! It contains...

  • Episodes one through ten

  • Both versions of the Mameshiba themesongs

  • Four short stop-motion animation movies

  • Was it worth the twelve bucks? ABSOLUTELY!!! I got a little bunch of adorable free postcards attached, and while you can watch the episodes and themesongs online, it's always awesome to have them available on DVD in case you feel like making Mameshiba graphics and icons, and the stop-motion animations were REALLY cute!

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    The site just updated with merchandise that was supposedly released in October (and some in September)!

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    I just got an anonymous tip in my inbox:


    I for one am REALLY tempted to buy a shirt! NEVER MIND I tried signing up and so far it's US/Canada only. :V